USEE Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Looking for ways to join the environmental educational field? Join our volunteer or intern program! We strive to create an environmentally literate society through means of citizens educating citizens. By utilizing member volunteers and community participants, we can build and sustain lasting relationships with all Utah communities.

As a volunteer or intern, you will have the opportunity to participate in three pillars of service:

  • Education
  • Community Involvement
  • Statewide Outreach

The three pillars can be sectioned into focus areas, which are organized to suit the needs of the organization as well as the interest of the volunteers.

Interested in volunteering/interning with USEE? Click here to fill out our Volunteer/Intern Form.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone, 17 or older! Depending on your interests, we will find a service project where help is needed and put your skills to good use. (Certain programs have age restrictions in order to properly serve the purpose of the program.)

What are the benefits?

We are a state wide organization connected to many environmental leaders, organizations, and community partners. Volunteering with USEE is an excellent way to build connections and relationships with a multitude of professional environmental educators and can aid in developing a multitude of skills to prepare you for any career.

What do Volunteers and Interns do?

We have a variety of areas to apply your skills, talents, and interests. From working with kids to hosting special events, there is something for everyone! When you become a volunteer, you will meet with our Education Outreach Coordinator. Together, you will layout your goals meshed with our needs and create a plan that is both rewarding and fun!

Education Volunteers and Interns

We value education and accessible knowledge for everyone, above all. Whether we are educating kids or adults, professionals or the general public, everyone has a right to learn how this remarkable world works. As an education volunteer, you will have the opportunity in educating our community, giving the public the tools to critically think about our environment.

Outreach Volunteers and Interns

Are you a social butterfly? If you enjoy conversing with others, then outreach is the perfect fit for you! Our education outreach program allows our volunteers to connect with the public and educate the community about the great programs USEE has to offer. Our outreach volunteers attend special events, festivals, conferences, and Farmer’s Markets to talk and to listen to the Utah community.

Time Commitments

Our time commitments are short term which is 5 months or long term which is 1 year for both volunteers and interns. We do accept volunteers for special events throughout the year which may be a 1 day commitment. Learn more about our events.

Interested in volunteering/interning with USEE? Click here to fill out our Volunteer/Intern Form.

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What is USEE?

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, has been a statewide leader in promoting high quality environmental education in Utah since 1981. USEE encourages environmental literacy by teaching Utahans how to think, not what to think, about the environment.

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