Utah Project for Excellence in EE

The Utah Project for Excellence in Environmental Education was a major project USEE conducted in in 2007 and 2008. USEE received a grant from the US Environmental Protection agency to "strengthen the capacity of quality and effective environmental education programs in Utah through non-formal environmental education providers and teacher partnerships." This goal was accomplished by achieving the four following major steps: 

  1. Conducted an inventory of current environmental education efforts providing programs and materials across the state of Utah.
  2. Conducted a Utah Teacher Needs Assessment to determine how to best support and meet the needs of K-12 teachers so teachers throughout the state can more effectively utilize environmental education as a integrated context for teaching the core curriculum.
  3. Held regional Teacher Focus Groups across the state where teachers gave feedback on the completed previous two steps and worked to develop a Model Implementation Strategy to deliver to EE program providing organizations.
  4. Held a Multi-stakeholder Summit where the Model Implementation Strategy was delivered and participants discussed the future of and ways to improve EE in Utah.

The project and reports serve as guiding documents for USEE and our goals to encourage environmental education in Utah. The following documents are from the grant reporting process:

Utah EE Organization Survey: Analysis and Report (pdf file)
Teacher Needs Assessment: Analysis and Report (pdf file)
Teacher Focus Groups: Analysis and Report (pdf file)
Model Implementation Strategy (pdf file)

    If you can not view these pdf files, download Adobe Reader.


    What is USEE?

    The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, has been a statewide leader in promoting high quality environmental education in Utah since 1981. USEE encourages environmental literacy by teaching Utahans how to think, not what to think, about the environment.

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