Core Correlations

The following Programs/Activity Guides have been correlated to the Utah State Office of Education Core Curriculum. You can access correlations below by clicking on the Program/Activity Guide you are using, and then either the grade level or subject matter within. The activities that meet that grade or subject matter will be listed.

If you need assistance, please call the USEE office at 801-328-1549.

(PLT K-8: 4th Grade: Language Arts) Standard 4040-07 VII: Comprehension - Students understand, interpret, and analyze narrative and informational grade level text.

Objective 02: Apply strategies to comprehend text.
Indicator a: Relate prior knowledge to make connections to text (e.g., text to text, text to self, text to world).

  • Activity 8: The Forest of S.T. Shrew

  • Activity 11: Can It Be Real (indirect)

  • Activity 18: Tale of the Sun

  • Activity 49: Tropical Treehouse, Part A (indirect)

  • Activity 87: Earth Manners

  • Activity 89: Trees for Many Reasons

  • Activity 90: The Native Way

  • Activity 91: In the Good Old Days, Part A

Objective 03: Recognize and use features of narrative and informational text.
Indicator b: Identify different genres: fairy tales, poems, realistic fiction, fantasy, fables, folk tales, tall tales, biographies, historical fiction.

  • Activity 5: Poet Trees

  • Activity 36: Pollution Search, Part B

  • Activity 89: Trees for Many Reasons

  • Activity 91: In the Good Old Days

Indicator e: Locate facts from a variety of informational texts (e.g., newspapers, magazines, textbooks, biographies, other resources).

  • Activity 36: Pollution Search

  • Activity 90: The Native Way

  • Activity 92: A Look at Lifestyles

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