Core Correlations

The following Programs/Activity Guides have been correlated to the Utah State Office of Education Core Curriculum. You can access correlations below by clicking on the Program/Activity Guide you are using, and then either the grade level or subject matter within. The activities that meet that grade or subject matter will be listed.

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(PLT K-8: 1st Grade: Content Core) Standard III: Students will develop an understanding of their environment.

Objective 1: Investigate plants and plant growth.

  • Activity 79: Tree Lifecycle, Variation (indirect)

Indicator a: Observe and draw pictures of plants

  • Activity 21: Adopt a Tree, Variation 1 (indirect)

  • Activity 61: The Closer You Look

  • Activity 64: Looking at Leaves

  • Activity 65: Bursting Buds

Indicator b: Compare seeds of plants and describe ways they may be carried through the environment (e.g., wind, water, animals)

  • Activity 43: Have Seeds Will Travel

Indicator c: Observe and Describe plants as they grow from seeds.

  • Activity 41: How Plants Grow, Variation

  • Activity 79: Tree Lifecycle

Indicator d: Identify how people use plants (e.g., food, clothing, paper, shelter).

  • Activity 12: Tree Treasures, Variation 2

  • Activity 51: Make Your Own Paper

  • Activity 16: Pass the Plants, Please

Indicator e: Investigate and report conditions that affect plant growth.

  • Activity 27: Every Tree for Itself

  • Activity 41: How Plants Grow

  • Activity 62: To be A Tree

  • Activity 77: Trees in Trouble (indirect)

Objective 3: Demonstrate how symbols and models are used to represent features of the environment.

Indicator a: Use map skills to identify features of the neighborhood and community.

  • Activity 74: People, Places, Things (indirect)

Indicator b: Create representations that show size relationships among objects of the home, classroom, school, or playground.

  • Activity 74: People, Places, Things (indirect)

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