Core Correlations

The following Programs/Activity Guides have been correlated to the Utah State Office of Education Core Curriculum. You can access correlations below by clicking on the Program/Activity Guide you are using, and then either the grade level or subject matter within. The activities that meet that grade or subject matter will be listed.

If you need assistance, please call the USEE office at 801-328-1549.

(EC PreK: Language & Literacy: Guideline 2) Objective 1: Develops expressive language through speaking.

Indicator a: Use language to play or create

  • Activity 1, Make Shape Guide to Schoolyard

  • Activity 3, Write a Touch Book

  • Activity 4, Make “applesauce

  • Activity 4, Smell the Flowers

  • Activity 6, Pretend to be Animals

  • Activity 7, Play peek-a-boo with spring

  • Activity 10, Act Out a Story

  • Activity 10, Write a Class Book

  • Activity 10, Outdoor Play

  • Activity 10, Play in a Tree House

  • Activity 11, Act Like a Forest Pro

Indicator d: Participate in conversations.

  • Activity 3, Write a Touch Book

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