Southeastern Utah Mini-Summit for Environmental Education

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ASILOMAR, CA, January 2018–The USEE Leadership Team participated in a week-long workshop of NAAEE State Affiliates. This was a gathering of 10 affiliate state teams, who have been working for a year to help support and strengthen the efforts in each of their states, as well as 22 other state representatives. The efforts of the 10 teams is intended to cross over to those 22 other affiliates, as well as the other states who weren't represented at this meeting. NAAEE allowed the time and space to collaborate, brainstorm and truly support each and every state who is a part of the affiliate network. Looking forward to a very productive 2018!

Please RSVP using this Southeastern Utah Mini-Summit Registration Form. Snacks will be provided, so please include any dietary restrictions you may have. 

Please complete the RSVP even if you are unable to attend if you would like to share your contact information and current projects with other participants, or if you would like to be removed from any future correspondence regarding this project. You may also share any additional input under "Comments or Questions".
What: Southeastern Utah Mini-Summit for Environmental Education (2nd of 5 throughout state of Utah)
When: July 10, 2018, 1:00 to 4:00 P.M.


Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Development
Carbon County | Utah State University Extension 
751 East 100 North, Suite 1700, Price, UT 84501

The office is on the southeast corner of the County Administration building. It can be accessed from the breezeway (not from inside the main building). 
Parking: It is all free open parking.
USUExtension CarbonCounty

We are hoping to leverage the expertise in and enthusiasm for environmental literacy and a sustainable future that exists in your region to help us best structure the remaining summits and our Strategic Planning process. You are a big part of shaping the future of EE in Utah!
USEE's Interim Director, Alex Porpora, will give a brief overview of USEE, current status of and future plans for EE in Utah, and our role as the state affiliate for the North American Association for Environmental Education.
Please be prepared to discuss the following as they relate to EE and your experiences:
  • Challenges & successes–What are the big picture problems/issues/challenges in environmental education in Cache Valley/Utah we exist to solve? What worked?
  • Needs–What can USEE do to better serve you and/or your organization/school/agency?
  • EE Defined–Shared goals, strengths, support for one another, networking 
We will also be breaking out into small working groups to help meet our specific goals of prioritizing areas of focus and developing strategies to achieve those goals.

Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE)

Our mission is promoting excellence in environmental education by providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to Utah’s community of educators.

Our vision is an environmentally literate society committed to a sustainable future.

The Utah Society of for Environmental Education (USEE). USEE is a 501(c)(3) and has been a statewide leader in promoting EE in Utah since 1981.

USEE is built on a strong foundation of 37 years providing resources, support, and networking opportunities to Utah’s community of teachers and administrators, faculty, environmental educators, and community officials and outreach specialists. 

We are currently in the process of updating our Strategic Plan, and making great strides to modernize the organization to best meet the needs of the community we aim to serve. Part of that work is to conduct 5 mini-summits throughout the state, with the 5th and final one to culminate at a Utah EE Workshop during our 2018 EE Conference in Salt Lake City, September 14-15, 2018.
We have received funding from the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), of which we are a state affiliate, to support our strategic planning process and conduct these 5 mini-summits.
Other than the overall goal to increase capacity for EE in Utah, the specific goals for the summits are:
  • Learn how USEE can better promote EE in the respective regions
  • Identify overarching statewide priorities and goals for the field of EE
  • Develop strategies and networking opportunities to support the Utah EE community (networking/partnership building)
  • Identify challenges and successes in respective regions 

Southeastern Utah Mini-Summit Participant Information to Date:


NameRoslynn Brain

OrganizationUSU Extension Sustainability

Position: Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist


Phone: 435-796-5116

Tim Glenn

Organization: John Wesley Powell River History Museum

Position: Director


Phone: 435-564-3427



NameKurt Gumbrecht

Organization: 1949

Position: Environmental Planner/Educator


Phone: 801-807-8328

Lauren Isbell

OrganizationCanyon Country Discovery Center

PositionEducation Coordinator


Phone: 435-587-2156

Jimmy Jones

OrganizationCook Elementary



Phone: 801-388-9682


Jackie Lowry

OrganizationUtah Society for Environmental Education

PositionPrograms Manager


Phone: 970-389-0743

Current Projects2018 Utah Environmental Education Conference, Regional Utah EE Mini-Summits, Utah Green Schools, Utah EE Certification, Professional Development Workshops, Facilitator Training & Network, Clean Air School Kit, Beehive 5 Under 25 Youth Recognition Program


NameLeigh Ludington

OrganizationCreekview Elementary

PositionSTEM Coordinator


Phone: 435-650-8569

Morgan Jacobsen

OrganizationUtah Division of Wildlife Resources

PositionRegional Outreach Manager


Phone: 435-613-3707

Holly Phillips

Organization: Canyon Country Discover Center

PositionEducation Director


Phone: 435-587-2156

Current ProjectsOne project that we are working on is obtaining grant funding to offer field trips for Navajo students to the CCDC or for the classroom free of charge. If all goes as planned, this will be one focus for our education team during the 2018-2019 school year.


NameLance Plank

OrganizationColorado Outward Bound

Position: Southwest Program Director


Phone: 719-293-5371

Alex Porpora

Organization: Utah Society for Environmental Education

Position: Interim Director


Phone: 801-328-1549

Steve Price

Organization:  Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Development, Carbon County | Utah State University Extension

Position: Extension Assistant Professor of Agriculture


Phone: 435-636-3235

Current Projects: 4-H Natural resources and outdoor recreation clubs

Justin Queen

OrganizationGreen River PACT

PositionExecutive Director


Phone: 435-564-8221

Kori Richards

OrganizationCanyonlands Field Institute

Position: Education Director


Phone: 435-259-7750

Current Projects: I am currently working to extend outdoor education programming to all Grand County 6, 7, and 8th graders, which has been optional and largely based on funding in the past. We have also just seen the largest interest in our Native Teen Guide in Training program, which we are looking at expanding for next year.

Kayla Sullivan

OrganizationCanyon Country Discover Center

PositionEducation Coordinator


Phone: 435-587-2156

*Unable to attend, but please share my information with the group. 

What is USEE?

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, has been a statewide leader in promoting high quality environmental education in Utah since 1981. USEE encourages environmental literacy by teaching Utahans how to think, not what to think, about the environment.

What is USEE >>

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