(WET K-12: 3rd Grade: Fine Arts Visual Arts) Standard 4 (Contextualizing): The student will interpret and apply visual arts in relation to cultures, history, and all learning.

Objective 1: Compare the arts of different cultures to explore their similarities and diversities.
a. Describe why different cultures may have used different materials to create their arts and crafts.

  • Messages in Stone, p. 454

Objective 2: Connect various kinds of art with particular cultures, times, or places.
a. Predict how a work of art or a craft can be connected to an ancient culture.

  • Messages in Stone, p. 454

Objective 3: Recognize the connection of visual arts to all learning.
a. Use a visual arts form as a help in expressing an idea in a non-art subject; e.g., a science project, the writing of a poem, a social studies project.

  • A House of Seasons, p. 155

  • Stream Sense, p. 191Messages in Stone, p. 454

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