(PLT K-8: 6th Grade: Language Arts) Standard 4060-08 VIII: Writing – Students write daily to communicate effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Objective 01: Prepare to write by gathering and organizing information and ideas. (Prewriting)
Indicator a: Generate ideas for writing by reading, discussing, researching, and reflecting on personal experiences

  • Activity 9: Planet of Plenty

  • Activity 53: On the Move, Part B

  • Activity 92: A Look at lifestyles

Objective 06: Write in different forms and genres.

Indicator b: Produce traditional and imaginative stories, narrative and formula poetry.

  • Activity 2: Get in Touch with Trees

  • Activity 5: Poet Tree

  • Activity 35: Loving it Too Much

  • Activity 39: Energy Sleuths

  • Activity 58: There Ought to be a Law

Indicator e: Produce functional texts (e.g., newspaper and newsletter articles, e-mails, simple PowerPoint presentations, memos, agendas, bulletins).

  • Activity 72: Air We Breathe

Indicator f: Share writing with others incorporating relevant illustrations, photos, charts, diagrams, and/or graphs to add meaning.

  • Activity 9: Planet of Plenty

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