(PLT K-8: 6th Grade: Language Arts) Standard 4060-01 I: Oral Language - Students develop language for the purpose of helpdesk.interfaithmilw.org effectively communicating through listening, speaking, viewing and http://jiveparty.com/buying-cialis-in-canada presenting.

Objective 01: Develop language through listening and speaking.
Indicator a:  Identify specific purpose(s) for listening (e.g., to gain information, to be entertained).

  • Activity 4: Sounds Around (indirect)

  • Activity 8: The Forest of S.T. Shrew

  • Activity 33: Forest Consequences

  • Activity 89: Trees for Many Reasons

  • Activity 90: The Native Way

  • Activity 92: A Look at Lifestyles

Objective 02: Develop language through viewing media and presenting.
Indicator a: Identify specific purpose(s) for viewing media (i.e., to identify main idea and details, to gain information, distinguish between fiction/nonfiction, distinguish between fact/opinion, form an opinion, determine presentation’s accuracy).

  • Activity 39: Energy Sleuths

  • Activity 59: Power of Print

Indicator b: Use a variety of formats in presenting with various forms of media (e.g., pictures, posters, charts, ads, newspapers, graphs, videos, slide shows).

  • Activity 17: People of the Forest

  • Activity 47: Are Vacant Lots Vacant (indirect)

  • Activity 49: Tropical Treehouse, Part B

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